I love this!

I got this in my inbox the other day, in response to a recent podcast. I LOVE the last sentence and shout a hearty AMEN to the proposal. Let us be such people!

I listened to the “Are You a Christian?” podcast today and loved it. I was especially touched by your story of the 2 hour conversation with the woman you were at political odds with. And I loved that you could tell that story about yourself and it come out so clean and honest and humble. That is a work of grace.

It’s similar to how I feel when I talk about (what he is doing in me.) This adventure is not about me but Jesus, and apart from Him and the grace of the Spirit and Papa’s love in this process, there would be none of it and I would be only lost and destroyed, or dead already.

So let’s be people who rock the world, who fight for the unity of the heart, who embrace powerlessness and a love that is so wondrously painful that it threatens daily to pull us out of this age and into the presence of the One we so desperately love.

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