Helping South Africa

After my > South African Adventure II Blog, Jason wrote to ask about how people might give to the need here. Her’s his comment:

I am overwhelmed by your accounts of Africa and the dire circumstances of so many. This has made such an impression on me (a sad one). However, for believers, pain and suffering are limited to this life only and that provides the hope that we desperately need.

Wayne, with so many agencies that need money to run, could you please help us know which ones are legitimate and are focussed on the people of Africa? Also, how else can we help these people in a way that matters? Perhaps you do not have the answers, but perhaps you could tell us who to contact to find how we could help.

There are obviously lots of agencies, but I am convinced that God works through relationships and connects us with people he wants us to know and through whom we can channel our giving. The poverty and AIDs pandemic in Africa is not an easy problem to sort out. You just can’t throw lots of money at it and fix it.

I know some people now who work on the front lines of care in the township of Tzuma near Durban and some people near Ladysmith who help feed families whose provider is no longer alive. If anyone wants to help them you can send money to Lifestream and we’ll ensure that it gets to Africa and that it will be used to care for those who are suffering and that these people do it with the love of the father and not by manipulating people into religious constructs. While we were in Durban we saw people combine their funds to buy a truck for the outreach in Tzuma. They had no way to get around to help people, in a township of 500,000 people or to get people to medical care or gather supplies to feed the children that they feed weekly. If you’d like to direct any money to that group of people, please designate it for Tzuma and we will be able to pass it along. It will be greatly appreciated.

Or perhaps God has given you other contacts—people to support or food to buy. Don’t think God has related you to anyone by accident. Through those he has given you, freely share his abundance that we all in the West so easily take for granted.