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The picture above was taken at a gathering I was part of outside Kyiv in Ukraine in 2018. I find my heart grieving every day for this war and what it may mean for them and their families. I’ve written about them before and in response I’ve got a lot of questions as to the current events there. Many have asked me if I’ve heard from my connections in Ukraine since all of this happened.  I have not. I’m sure they have more important things on their hands.

It is a horrible thing to watch every night on the news the destruction of this country by a dictator that is willing to destroy so many lives and so much property for his political ambitions. It has been difficult to watch western leaders take so long to take this threat seriously and to help the Ukrainian people. I know nothing more than what you’re seeing in the news. I have marveled at the bravery of Ukraine’s president and the people who are standing for their freedom at great personal risk and cost. We are seeing the best and worst of humanity in one event.

I don’t know how to pray here, except with groaning too deep for words and in the Spirit. I want his glory to be revealed even in the atrocities fallen humanity creates for others. It is our long history of humanity that the strongman forces his will on the weaker. It happens all the time in our world, not just in wars by megalomaniacs, but in the abuse, exploitation, theft and murder that goes on every day all over the world. Thus, it will be until the Creator of all brings this world to conclusion. Who knows, but that this may be the start of a final chapter in earth’s history? Or maybe not! Maybe it’s just yet another bully causing mayhem for others. It has made my heart cry out even more for the end of days and the coming of the true King of the earth.

Others asked if I know of ways to help.  I do not have any direct ways myself, but an LA Times article this week shared a list of links from California organizations that are helping there.  I’m also including them below if you’re interested in helping financially. I’m not vouching for any of these organizations, how how much administrative fees they take out before getting your gift to Ukraine, but here are some ways to help: Revived Soldiers Ukraine. This organization funds medication and medical supplies for field and army hospitals at the front lines of eastern Ukraine. International Medical Corps. The Los Angeles-based organization provides emergency relief to those struck by conflict, disaster and disease. Direct Relief. The Santa Barbara-based organization distributes donated medicine and medical supplies. Nova Ukraine has several humanitarian efforts, including Heart2Heart, which assembles and delivers aid packages to Ukraine. Hromada. This San Francisco-based organization runs a charity, the Anhelyk Foundation, that supports the children of families whose parents died in the fighting in eastern Ukraine. International Committee of the Red Cross. The Red Cross humanitarian work aims to help people rebuild their lives and cope with the wider consequences of conflict. UNICEF. UNICEF’s Humanitarian Action for Children appeal helps provide conflict- and disaster-affected children with access to water, sanitation, nutrition, health and safety services.  CARE is an international organization that fights global poverty with emergency response and long-term development projects.

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  1. Wayne,
    I’m seeking a resource that can provide direct help to my fiancé who is this moment in Kyiv. She’s doing her best to stay out of harms way, but she’s scared out of her mind. Her immediate need is some funds for food and gas, so she can get her daughter her parents, and head out to the Polish border. Her need right now is beyond my present ability to supply. In other better times if she has a need she has come to me and I would simply send something by Western Union. Today I don’t have the resources, I hope to have resources again in the near future. I’m just scrambling trying to figure out anything possible that can be done. I’ve tried contacting the international Red Cross and other similar in GO groups. I can’t even get a live person on the phone to talk to. If anyone is interested in assisting, I am not a not for profit. However I’m perfectly willing to be transparent and show receipts of any Western Union transfers of funds. I will happily document, that any contribution is going directly to help her.

    1. Roger, I’m so sorry for what your fiancé is facing and the difficult of getting things to her. Do you have a way to send her money now, just not the resources? If so, please email me more details.

      1. Wayne I’ll email contact information to you. This is a real immediate need. In other better times if she needed help if I could help I would otherwise the situation would have to pass. The ground has shifted under our feet because of the war. I’m expecting significant contributions to come in. But because they’re from business people contributing to a nonprofit organization that’s working with me. This is going to take a number of days. If there’s anyway you or anyone else can help, i’m completely willing to be 100% transparent and provide a copy of a Western Union receipt, validating that whatever funds I receive go directly to the intended party.

  2. Wayne, I appreciate your concern for the people of Ukraine and for sharing the listed help organizations. You mentioned that you could not vouch for any of them and I thought I would share an organization that I can vouch for, have personally visited on-site in Zhitomir and currently support. They are more local than country wide but I know that they are seeking support to provide additional help during this crisis. Mission to Ukraine ( has been doing good work for many years now. Feel free to share this information with others. Thank you!

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