From a Former Pastor

I have gotten a ton of responses from people since posting the video of Sharing in Father’s Affection. I have been blessed by the impact this has had.

Many have asked if we have it available in full size on DVD and we’re working to put that together now. I hope to have more information about that in the next couple of weeks. Also, for those who keep track of my travels, I’ve just finalized trips into Central California, Tulsa, OK, Nashville, TN, and Washington DC over the next couple of months.

Now, back to the video. Here’s one of the emails I have received, and I know this dear brother is not alone. My heart resonates with his cry to know his Father again:

I just finished watching the video your posted on your blog today. Thank you for sharing that teaching. I must say that it tugged deeply on my heart. I spent almost thirty years of my life ministering to people, really thinking I was truly loving them. When things in our minstry went awry, I was deeply hurt and wounded. All of the unloving things that were done and said to me and my wife unfortunately I laid in the Father’s lap. I quickly forgot how much He loved me, and consequently I basically quit loving others, and have pretty much refused to be loved by others for fear of being hurt again.

Needless to say, I miss my Father and I miss giving His love to others, and there is nothing outside of His love that can fill that void. I intend to listen again to this teaching as I think it is the fundamental truth that we all need to embrace. Thanks for letting God work in you to make this available on the internet. I have kind of been doing a Forrest Gump for the last 5 years..running, and running, and yet I am no farther away from the Father or closer to Him. He is just waiting for me to get exhausted enough to grab His hand again. I know there is still a place for me in His household, and my wife and I are looking for His direction in the coming year. Please keep us in your prayers.

And as I prayed for him, I pray for others of you that feel as if your hurts in organized religion have not yet been overrun by Father’s emmense affection for you. I pray that you’ll have the freedom to open your hear to his love again and stop all that running! I get tired just reading about it. I know how vicious ministry hurts can be, when our life in God gets all tangled up in people’s needs and demands. It is quite a mess. I pray God unravel it all and put a clear path before you and set you ever-more at rest in his presence.

And let us all remember that this is something God does in us, not something we can produce on our own. Just tell him you want to know the depth of his affection for you. Follow whatever nudges he puts on your heart to that end and let him untangle all that blinds you to the reality of his affection.