Who Is to Blame?

The quote below was written by a Jewish rabbi and theologian in 1955—thats two years after I was born.  And yet, this process has continued, not just for Judaism, but also for Western Christianity. I hear complaints all the [...]

Ignoring Jesus!

If there are words Jesus spoke that we have ignored more in Western Christianity than Matthew 23, I would have no idea what they would be.  Every day in almost every Christian institution we live as if he never said [...]

Wayne Goes Nomad

During my recent trip to the UK, I was asked to join Tim Nash and Dave Ward on their Nomad Podcast, to discuss Finding Church. I had just arrived in Coventry, England only way from Scotland to Wales.  We borrowed [...]

Life Happened Here Once

It’s an amazing moment when a butterfly hatches from her chrysalis, flexes her wings until they dry, and then takes flight discovering what it is like to be a butterfly instead of a caterpillar.  We get to enjoy this little miracle in Sara’s garden [...]

How His Church Takes Shape In the World

As I was preparing for my trip to Indiana, two men I didn’t know asked if I could come early to do some taping with them.  They are working on a documentary about people moving beyond the congregational model [...]

Finding Church Now Available in Audio

Imagine you laying back in your easier chair or being caught in an exasperating commute to work and me sitting right beside you reading to you from Finding Church.  OK, that doesn’t even sound fun to me.  I wouldn’t sit [...]

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