Father’s Day

Back from an awesome Oklahoma Trip where I spent two days at a Because of Jesus Conference, and then two more days with the Transformed by Christ bunch in Edmond. In both places I talked about Living Loved and how that frees us from fear, guilt and shame. Up the road, I’m going to post one of the audios that really seems to resonate with people who are trying to sort out the difference between what Jesus does to make this journey work, and what my part is. But that’s another day.

Just thought I’d let you all know that Crosswalk.com just posted a column I wrote for Father’s Day drawn from the Parable of the Incredible Father, which many people call the Prodigal Son. Father’s day isn’t always a blessing for those who have had horrible experiences with abusive or absent fathers, or even are living in troubled relationships with their own kids. So Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and families out there who are celebrating the joy of that relationship, and my thoughts and prayers are with those for whom this weekend only refreshes some pain. May you know that in spite of the failings of your earthly dad, you have a Heavenly Dad who loves you more than anyone on this planet ever has or ever will! He will be the Father to you no one else could ever be!

And for those who want to improve their parenting skills, this morning I also posted the first of a two-part podcast with Danny and Sheri Silk at The God Journey, about loving our kids on purpose. I blogged about Danny’s book, Loving Our Kids on Purpose, a few months ago and I think this podcast will really encourage people who are wanting to discover how grace and relationship impacts discipline. What we share there not only applies to parent/child relationships, but all relationships, including yours with the Heavenly Dad!