Colorado and Virginia here I Come!

If this isn’t the strangest trip I’ve ever booked, I don’t know what is.  I’m going to Colorado for a week, then out to Richmond, VA for a week.  This isn’t just about visiting with people, on this journey.  I will also meet with a couple from Kenya doing some incredible development work in Kenya in counties next to Pokot and may help us with the need in Pokot as well.  I’ll also meet with the people behind website to see if our resources might be applicable in that venue.  And I’ll be meeting with someone who wants my help on a novel that may be one of the most innovative things I’ve ever read.  

So, yes, this will be a crazy trip.  But it does allow me some opportunities to connect with readers and listeners in this areas as well. 

  • I’ll be in downtown Denver, CO the weekend of April 18-19. We’re planning a Sunday get-together at 1:00 for those that want to come.  Space is limited so check in with Michael if you’re interested.  I’ll also be around on Saturday and Sunday morning if people want to connect in a more personal way.  You can email me if you’re interested.  
  • On Monday I have to go to Loveland, CO. If anyone is in that area that would like to open up a place for folks to connect, please let me know.
  • And, on April 24-25 I’ll be in Richmond, VA in some open times for people to connect there. Contact Richard if you’re interested in joining us there. 

I’m sorry there isn’t more time on this trip to just hang out with people who want to come, but we can make best use of the times we do have…