A Man Like No Other Reviews

Responses to A Man Like No Other have continued to come in and I’m really blessed at how people have taken to this book and are sharing it with others. The mix of paintings and writing have done exactly what we prayed they would do—capture people with the glorious reality of what Jesus came to do in us as he lived among us. So many are using it devotionally, savoring one story at a time and letting Jesus come alive in it. Some are reading it individually, others as families.

Here are some of the recent comments from my emails:

“I was expecting a coffee table type of book with great pictures and a few words. The pictures turned out to be brilliant but the retelling of His story is way more engaging than I had expected. Much more than just great artwork to be admired.”
Mike in Florida

“I just received your new book, “A Man Like No Other”, and it takes my breath away. Not only is the art work stunning, your story telling brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart, as you bring out deep truths. I wish I could give one to everyone on my Christmas list. I am being blessed by this beautiful work of art.”
Renee in Oklahoma

After we opened to the first page and felt goose bumps, we’ve chosen to savor each page and only read one page a day. The artwork is a feast for the eyes and the accompanying article helps us ponder the gospel in a fresh way. What a treat for our souls and spirit! Bravo!
Otto in Europe

My wife & I have been enjoying the thoughts conveyed and the conversations that are spawned between us as we read together through “A Man Like No Other”.
Gary by email

“The Miracle Worker” wrecked me tonight & left me in awe of Jesus… humbled, reflective, & deeply grateful for his mercy, patience, forgiveness… his love, compassion, & healing touch in my life. There’s no adequate way to thank him. but I tried. My favorite picture of Jesus in the book is the one on page 35. Its unreal what this picture does to me. Truly. I love ending the year on this book.
Renee in Texas

A Man Like No Other
The Illustrated Life of Jesus
By Wayne Jacobsen, Brad Cummings, and Murry Whiteman
128 pages, Windblown Media, $24.99 • 128 pages • 8.5 x 11.5 • Hardback

Available from Lifestream.org