Updates: TellitCon, Podcasts, and Kenya Pictures

I’m going to lump a number of things into this update, since so much is going on.  The TellitCon event scheduled for June 20-21 in Visalia, has been postponed due to a lack of enrollment for that date.  Bummer!  I was excited about some of the things on my heart to share with young storytellers, but I figure there is a better time and place ahead.  We’ll see. Perhaps a podcast if nowhere else, eh?  

Also, I’ve gotten some new pictures from Kenya of the walls going up at the school.  Wow do these dear folks work fast!  

Check out the scaffolding.  Pretty sure that wouldn’t work here in the States.  I hope they are all being careful.  The work on these buildings is all being done by volunteers who have come up from the Kitale area to help.  Such amazing generosity!  

Along with the pictures came this report:  “Greetings in Jesus name, sorry for not being in touch for sometime it is due to running their and here inclusive to make sure that we put things in order, some of the license I was so needed to sign it. For every process, I thank God that everything is ok in Northern parts project, the drilling water company are ready to start the work on Tuesday, they will be travelling on Saturday, well equipped and ready to drill water. Expects updates report from entire of the week. Concerning the dispensary and the school, the work is going on well done and the roofing will start also next week. Our volunteers have done wonderful work and some of them are going to rest for some days while the new others will take on for the completion.  We appreciate your involvement in every steps.  Thomas will be updating in every steps including pictures from the ground.  I am now familiar with the people of Northern Parts.

Finally here are some podcast updates.  This week and next John Lynch (BO’S CAFE, ON MY WORST DAY) is my guest on The God Journey. He shares quite openly from his journey and his passion to help others find a home in the Father’s love and affection.  

Finally, for the past two weeks I have been a guest on the Dustin Daniels Show talking aboout HE LOVES ME.  You can find those interviews here:

Show 72: What Really Happened on the Cross?
Show 71: He Loves Me – Learning to Live in the Father’s Affection

All for now.  Life is good.  Fullness amidst challenges.  What could be better?  Fullness without challenges, I guess, but I seem to suspect that the fullness I get to live in today has a lot to do with the challenges God has met me in in times past.  A blessed weekend to you all.