Tree Town – New Issue of BodyLife Now Available

The November 2005 issue of BodyLife is now avaialable at the Lifestream website.

The lead article is called “Tree Town” and is a bit of a different article than we normally do in this publication, but I think it makes some essential points for people who want to live deeply in the life of Christ. The second article, “Breaking Free” is a first-hand look at someone freshly breaking free from the bondage of religious thinking and beginning to find real freedom in their relationship with God as Father. Some of you may have already seen this on the blog or heard our podcast about it, but I thought some of those folks who might have missed it, would find it as encouraging as many of you have. If you’d like to give us any feedback on this issue that others might enjoy as well, please feel free to use the feedback section here.

There are also some other goodies there for you to enjoy, including some life-changing letters from some of our readiers and a look at some of the new resources we’ll have available here in the near future. Blessings on you all.