Travel Updates: Israel, UK, and Dallas

If you were planning to go to Israel with us, there are only two more days to register.  Deadline is September 15 fopr the tour Sara and I will be hosting February 5-16.  There are only five spots left to join our group, so you bettter hurry.  And the deadline for sign-ups is this Sunday, September 15.  You can get all the details here.  I am really excited about the group that has come together from this, with people from Romania, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, England, as well as throughout the US.  It will be 10 great days of fellowship as well as the opportunity to walk the land of the Bible and let the story of God’s redemption sink more deeply into our hearts.  

Yes I did plan on staying home most of the fall to write FINDING CHURCH and I have been relishing that task as well as watching it fall together in an amazing way.  I can’t wait to share the things that have been crystalizing in my heart.  But in the meantime I have felt the Spirit’s nudging to follow through on two invitations that have surfaced for this fall.  I thought I’d let you know about them in case you are nearby and want to engage us.  Sara and I will be going to the UK from October 3-17.  From October 6-11, we are going to be in Scotland, and from October 11-17 we’re going to be in London meeting with some people who anchored this invitation.  There will be room in the schedule to meet with others so if you’re interested please let me know. We are uncertain about what we’re doing the first weekend we are there, October 3-6.   We’re praying about that and are open to going elsewhere in the UK on our way up to Scotland.  So, if that is of interest to any of you, please let me know.  

And then in early November, either the first or second weekend, I’m going to be in the Dallas area.  There’s a specific group that wants me to come to help them process part of the journey coming out some real legalism and exploring how God might lead them from here.  That too has some open time to connect with others as well. 

The UK and Dallas trips are still in their formative stages, so if you have something on your heart about my coming, or some people who want to get toether, please let me know and join us in prayer that God will make known what he has in mind.  We will get out the details when all the arrangments are finalized.