Places to Give In A Time of Great Need

Who cannot help but be touched by the incredible human tragedy unfolding in Mississippi and Louisiana? I was on the road when this all unfolded and have watched in grief since my return at the desperation of human need, the inability to get aid to the survivors. What a mess! I hope many of you who have some extra are finding ways to share the burden of those people. The Red Cross is of course a great place to give to deal with the practical needs of food, water, shelter and medical care.

Someone I know also recommended Mennonite Disaster Service. You can donate on-line and here’s what they said about these people as they arrived to help after Hurricane Andrew struck South Florida a few years ago:

After Andrew, they were the most excellent witness for Christ, and I know that they’ve done a lot of work in Louisiana and the other Gulf states. They just SHOW UP, with willing hands, tools, (and materials if you’re too poor to buy them). Men AND women of all ages–most of them Midwest farmers who know how to build just about anything–come to your neighborhood and start doing whatever needs doing. No gospel tracts, no hard-sell just quiet, joyful work. Even some of the most hardened victims have to ask them WHY they do what they do, and they say it’s for Jesus. They rebuilt many homes in Homestead, put on countless roofs…

May God make himself known in incredible ways in the face of such horrible tragedy. May he sustain those who suffer in the aftermath of this hurricane and give wisdom and courage to all those who are able to help in this time.