Oops, My Bad!

I completely botched the announcement for the next live, online, He Loves Me conversation. I originally got the date wrong and now Sara and I have had a shift in our schedule that means I now have to move the time up half an hour. I’m so sorry for the confusion and inconvenience this causes.

Here is the corrected information:

Our discussion about chapters eight and nine of He Loves Me will take place
this coming Saturday, December 9 at 12:30 pm,
half an hour earlier than previously announced.
We will be discussing chapters 8 and 9.

If you’d like to join us, you can find the link for this conversation on the Facebook Group Page, or if you are not a member of Facebook, you can write me for a link. These conversations are held and recorded on Zoom. We stream them live on my Facebook Author Page for those who don’t want to be in the Zoom discussion, and you’ll find our previous conversations there.

No, I’m not blaming the new puppy; I only chose the picture, hoping the cuteness will make people smile when they read about my mistake!  But Zoey does wonder from time to time why we let this little, yippy, biting furball into the house. Watching them bond is hilarious. Mandy is all in; Zoey has her moments. In time, we know that these are destined to be best buds.

1 thought on “Oops, My Bad!”

  1. No worries. We all have these times. It looks as if you have more tham one dog
    Even though we are in our 70s, we got two puppies.They entertain each other when we ate not there. Dogs are social animals and need other dogs like we need other humans.I
    It feels like God is breaking through with his power and his love here in Northampton, England. Pauline has been suffering badly from after effects of
    10 years of cancer treatment – with a break in middle.- On Friday pm she recieved much healing from this . Is dtill feeling renewed tonight.

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