The Jesus Lens: Recapturing Scripture’s Beauty

I’ve met a lot of people on this journey who distort the Scriptures, most unwittingly of course. Some make it a legalistic rule book to bask others over the head with a disfigured view of God-as-bully, demanding people satisfy his demand or crushing them in his anger. Others dismiss the Bible as irrelevant, thinking God’s Spirit in us supplants any value to the wisdom of revelation the Scripture offers.  A few years ago I recorded The Jesus Lens to help people have a view of Scripture that fits into a wider relational journey, allowing both the Spirit and the Scriptures to speak in tandem to our lives as we not only grow in the Father’s love but in his light as well.  

I have loved the Scriptures from my youth and still do as the greatest revelation of Father’s affection and purpose in the world ever written. Reading them is not an obligation, but a window in to the ways God thinks and how he responds, albeit written by people who often misunderstood him and his ways. Admittedly I’ve come to see them very differently than I did in my younger days. I no longer read it religiously but seeing how the totality of Scripture’s story unfolds a God of immense love and wisdom, and invites us on an adventure of joining God’s purpose in the world. If you haven’t cultivated a view of the Bible that allows you to see one consistent God throughout, winning humanity out of it’s fear of God, you’ve missed the most incredible story ever told.  

The Jesus Lens is a nine-hour video series I did a couple of years ago to help people recapture the beauty of Scripture and interpret it in a way that will help their growing relationship with him. You can stream it in audio or video for free.  If you’d like to own the DVDs we’ve reduced them by 30% to $25.00 per copy.  

I got this email the other day and it made my heart soar.  This is why I recorded that series and make it available free of charge, so people like Ron can find great joy in the Scripture:  I met Ron a few months ago on one of my trips.  Since then he discovered The Jesus Lens, and I got this email from him this weekend:  

I thought I had it all when you came to visit us. I have been going through The Jesus Lens. I just HAVE to say how FRUSTRATINGLY wonderful this series is to an old pharisee like me. It is challenging me with EVERY lesson and the best/worst of it is – I end up seeing exactly what you are pointing out and AGREEING with it. I have not been so thoroughly challenged and changed since the Shack. God has nailed me at every turn. I really can’t believe (it’s sinking in but still amazes me) that God has used one man to so turn my life upside down in so MUCH. I have NEVER heard the things taught before that I hear God revealing to me through you. I know you well enough to know that you are giving him all of the credit. And while that is awesomely true, I can’t help but be thankful that Abba drew me to this connection.

I so want to be as brave as you. As I am continuing to grow in living life loved it is just so AMAZING how much better EVERYTHING else is. Sorry for my caps but I just can hardly express my excitement. Anyway – thank you, THANK you, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

I hope it inspires many more people to see beyond the distortion of the Bible by those who want to make it a religious rule book and let it breathe as the story of God’s unfolding revelation in the world.  

You can listen to it by audio or vide here..