Headed to Europe

In a few hours I catcha big bird for England to spend the weekend, then I’ll be off to Ireland for a couple of weeks… I’m really looking forward to catching up with some of the believers there…

Also, we’ve also just combined our first year of podcasting into one CD of mp3 files that will lead you through our entire season. In these 42 podcasts Wayne and his co-host, Brad Cummings, discuss our relationship with God, rethinking the life of the church and how we live in our culture. They also interview others from around the world who are sharing in this journey. All of these podcasts are available at The God Journey, but many people haven’t figured out the whole podcasting technology, so we’ve put all of our first season podcasts on one CD and are making it available for $12.00 for those who want to listen on their computers or mp3 players. Even most DVD players today will play this disc. You can order it from our audio page.

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