An Opportunity for Prayer and Giving

For the past year I’ve been in touch with someone in Kenya who helps coordinate a number of fellowships throughout Kenya and neighboring countries. I wrote him this past week in view of the increasing instability and violence in Kenya due to a disputed Presidential election held on December 27. The unrest that has resulted has reignited old tribal animosities and many fear a fresh wave of tribal genocide might result. To date, a quarter of a million people have been displaced and are starving. Over 300 people have been killed in tribal clashes.

I heard back from my friend yesterday. I’m going to leave it in his broken English:

I would like to appreciate for your prayers which has helped us up to now. People here are living terrible life especially the saints. I know you have heart what has happened here during the election, until now things are not well. Many of our brethren has lost their lives, their houses are burned many are wounded and their properties has been destroyed. As you know am the co-coordinator of IAN so we are more responsible to see the situation of our brethren who have been affected, especially on my side. I am hosting about 25 families as well as taking care some who are in the hospital. My home has become the home of refuge where more pastors and church leaders who are affected has runned for help. Also we have been trusting God to see the next day. Since we are in rural areas where security is not secure, the government is only taking care and provide for those who are camped at the market and police station. So there’s too much congestion at the market centers. Since we cannot hold up we are praying that God may melt the hearts of the brethren in U.S. that they may strengthen their hands to our affected brethren in Kenya. The importance agents for help: blankets, shelter, food, drugs and other basic needs.

There is more about this on yesterday’s podcast at The God Journey. We have since discovered a way to transfer funds to this organization directly and our board has decided to start a special fund for people who want to help give to aid the brothers and sisters in Kenya. In addition to this organization I’m aware of others we can give to depending on the amount of money people want to contribute. Sara and I as individuals and Lifestream as an entity will be sharing substantially to aid these brothers and sisters.

If you’d like to join with us, please go to our Invoice Page and click on the ‘Pay Invoice’ button. You can then list “Donation for Kenya” and the amount you’d like to give. If you use the ‘Donation’ button you will need to also send me an email letting me know you wanted this to go for Kenya and not for Lifestream. All donations to this cause are tax deductible and every dime sent to us will go out for relief in this Kenyan crisis.

If you prefer, you can also send a check to Lifestream • 7228 University Dr., • Moorpark, CA 93021.

And whether or not you can give financially, also please consider keeping up on the news about Kenya daily and using it as a reminder to pray for God’s revelation of himself to Kenya in the midst of this crisis. Thank you so much!