An Incredible Story of Renewal

Our Fifth Webcast of The God Journey has just been posted on our sister website. “A Journey Into Renewal” chronicles one congregation as they sought God’s heart for spiritual renewal. Five years ago this congregation in Sacramento had a building, a staff, a slew of programs and a heart for renewal. Over the last five years in simple acts of obedience they have deconstructed their congregational life. In November they stopped meeting on Sunday mornings. In December the staff voluntarily resigned their salaries, and in January they sold the building. In a story reminiscent of That Lot in Fairlee, they are now learning to live as God’s people in Sacramento and are discovering a renewal they had not imagined. In this special Webcast, Wayne interviews one of the key people in this process, as he relates their journey and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. It’s an incredible story of people on a journey to friend freedom and vitality in their relationship with God and each other.