A Podcast You Won’t Want Miss

I generally assume that anyone who reads this blog also listens to my podcast over at The God Journey, but I find out from time to time that isn’t always the case.

I do get a lot of email from people who deal with their adult children struggling with same-sex attraction, especially how they can continue to love their kids even though they are not supportive of their lifestyle on moral grounds. The podcast this week features an OB/GYN from Austin, Texas whom I met at a conference last fall. She has an interesting story of growing up a believer, discovering same-sex attraction in her teens and then living that lifestyle for nearly twenty years before her passion for God collided with her lifestyle. Through it all she had a mom who loved and prayed for her through those long years.

She was in California recently and Brad and I had the chance to interview here for this week’s podcast. You can listen to it here. She also gave us a list of resources for people struggling with sexual brokenness in their own lives, or in someone else they love.