A Letter from Kenya

This was in my inbox this morning, and I wanted to share it with all of you. Of course, my name got attached to all of this, but they all know it is coming from my ‘team’, which are simply friends and friends of friends who want to help those who are in deep need today.

I would like to introduce myself, I am Bramuel. I would like to send my greetings to you personally and your partners team and I have come to know you through Michael Wafula, IGEM Director. I have seen many preachers but I cannot compare the love this man has. This man of God since this election violence started immediate after voting, the calamity came, our fellow brothers lost their lives and the family and many people houses were burnt, so we didn’t know where to go but we ran out walking without knowing where the family is. But since IGEM is having more churches, people decided to run where there is a church building to be helped but this man of God took immediately this burden and sacrificed his life to make sure that we are helped. Actually, we had not had hope but right now we have the hope through the love this man has shown us. We have never lacked anything , every week, we get the share and I was also among the people who received enough so that I may start a life and he told us openly that there is a brother whom we have never seen with eyes and God convicted him and released a big support and he said that his name is Wayne, so I would like to say we have never seen you but the love you have given to us, it is already recorded in the Kingdom of God.

Many people they ran with nothing but we have seen hundreds of blankets, mats, food being distributed through IGEM ministry and Michael always announces to these brothers and sisters that this support has come through the love of brother Wayne and his team so we say on behalf of others, I say may God bless you and I encourage you that there are people who ran who still need help, please continue blessing them.

Lastly, I received a message with wonderful books called one anothering and I have read this material. The material has changed many people and people are forgiving one another. Also pray for us, two days ago, the place called Salama, many people have died and many people have camped in the places and some they are sleeping naked, nothing to eat and with no clothes or utensils. Pastor Michael visited them yesterday but he had nothing to say but only to encourage them to trust in God for their provision. They are around 230 families. Pray for them that God may provide for their needs.