Unbelievers and the Kingdom

More from my conversation in Christchurch with Sara, John and Mary Beaumont, and David and Nina Rice:

We have a mistaken notion of how the Christian life begins. It doesn’t begin when we say a sinner’s prayer, but when we give our lives to him and begin the marvelous journey of learning to trust him instead of ourselves.

And the reason the world is often not interested in knowing Christ, is because they see all the baggage we carry with it. When we tell them they just need Christ, they look behind at all the other baggage we’re holding. They know we will soon load them up with things like church attendance, religious activities, tithing and good works and they are not interested. We think they’ve rejected him, when in fact they’ve only seen through our baggage. If we don’t live in Christ alone we’ll never know if people really are seeing him or all the other baggage we carry. We only need to invite them to him, and let him lead them into the fullness of his life. I’m convinced that will be with a lot less baggage than most believers carry today.