Keeping Up With the Jacobsens

Summer is here and I enjoy the slower pace when I’m not doing as much travel.  My last trip for this spring/summer is to Nashville and Bowling Green next weekend. You can get details here if you want to join us. It’s a short trip next week, and then I get to spend the rest of the summer more locally and with a month in the Sierras for Sara and me.  That will allow me to get some writing done as well as to take some time off with family and friends.  We love hiking with our dogs, swimming them in the lake, boating, and reading together during this time.

It also leads to some interesting connections here.  This Saturday we have a group of eight people coming over from Redlands for the day to kick around what it means to live more relationally in Christ. While we’re in Central California we have time to touch base with people there and there are frequent visitors coming through LA that we see if we can fit it in. Last week we had people stay with us from Switzerland and Wyoming and I love conversations with individuals and smaller groups, especially on my patio, to larger meetings anyway.

But I’m also starting to think and pray about travel for the fall, so if anything is on your heart for getting some people together in your area, during the summer is a good time to let me know.  You don’t have to already have a group. There are few places I travel these days where there aren’t a lot of people who want to connect and one of the joys of doing so is the newfound friendships I leave behind.  Also, we are in the last weeks of taking sign-ups for The God Journey Tour to Israel and Petra.  You can get more information here and if you want to go, please get your reservation in soon. Last time we ran out of room.

For those interested, I was interviewed recently on The Trinity Happy Hour Podcast out of Richmond, VA.  For those that want to hear it, you can find it here. It’s titled, God’s Not Mad at You Part 2.

For the past few years I’ve been able to communicate with many of you who want to stay in touch via your Facebook feeds.  Unfortunately my FB profile, ran out of space for new friends, so I had to convert it to an Author Page and for any who “liked it”, they got those updates  in their newsfeed. But Facebook announced yesterday that they will be cutting back the amount of Page views they put on your newsfeed since people say they prefer to read about family and friends and watch cat videos.  I suspect, however, that since most Pages are commercial entities this curtail free advertising and force companies and celebrities pr machines to pay for it.  We won’t be doing much of that so if you have been following us via FB, you will probably miss some of our updates there with this new policy.

Instead, you can receive all of my blog postings directly through email by entering your email address on the sign-up box at all of these sites:   this blog at, my podcasts at, and the ongoing conversation at You can also subscribe here for any Lifestream News or Travel Updates when we have something important beyond the blogs.  You can also subscribe to my Twitter feed at @LifestreamWayne.  We’ve never pushed any of these things because I’ve never wanted to have a bunch of “Followers.”  I want people to follow Jesus.  But if we can help encourage you in that process or you just wan to stay connected here for future books and resources those are the ways to do it.

For readers in the northern hemisphere, I hope you have some wonderful opportunities this summer for rest and refreshing. And for those reading on the other side of the equator, I hope your winter is not too harsh and you have some time to steal into the quiet as well and see what Father has on his heart for you.