Deep Trace, Book Two of the Velieri Uprising


Under arrest and forced into The Cellar, a brutal prison for the most diabolical criminals, Remy Landolin knows that surrendering was a horrible mistake. Otherworldly spirits and constant mind games drain her sanity as her captors seek her execution. But she is not alone—Arek Rykor, the love of her life, is willing to risk everything to save her and help her fulfill her destiny.

Remy’s story continues in Tessa Van Wade’s second book of the Velieri Uprising series. Velieri and Ephemes become aware of each other and Navin continues to spin his web of lies all the way to the top. If they can’t clear her name, they will never stop him or the rebellion he leads.

Is she the hope of a threatened civilization or an imposter? To figure that out, she must battle not only the Prophets and Powers, but fight a new breed of vicious assassins who can now trace deep into her mind. Will she learn to fight off their unrelenting assaults before it is too late?

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Publication Date: September 13, 2022


From the opening chapter until I turned to the last page “Deep Trace” had me hooked. Filled with adventure, suspense, continuous twists and turns, and an unfolding love story… I could not put this book down. Tessa Van Wade drew me in one word at a time and painted a crisp picture that made me feel I was in the story. While I loved Willow in “Out of the Shadows”, discovering Remy made me long for my own undiscovered realities. You hold in your hands a masterpiece and I cannot wait for the final book in this series.

—Julie Williams, Social Media Coordinator

Captivating and inspiring, Deep Trace is a beautiful work of art and love. The world is better for it. As Tessa Van Wade weaves one layer upon the next, she expands our imagination and we come to see our own story inside Remy’s. This has the potential to be the next Matrix.

—Harvey Mast, Business Owner 

“Tessa Van Wade is a rising star and incredible writer. She has a profound way with words that is detailed, descriptive and pulls you right into a beautiful intricate story. This book is full of incredible characters and twists and turns of adventure and love. I can see a movie coming next!! Definitely check out the book, you won’t be disappointed!”

—Natalie Bruce, author of Aki the inventor and Igniting The Fire

Deep Trace is a unique, thought provoking adventure into the human psyche. The characters pull you in, and the mystery surrounding their lives holds you captive. It was a wild ride and an intriguing next chapter in the Valieri Uprising.

—Jessica Glasner, author of Voyage of the Sandpiper and Saving Grace

“Tessa Van Wade deftly weaves together so many plot layers in this thrilling story. Once I started reading, I could not put it down! Deep Trace will leave you breathless and on the edge of your seat as you await Book 3.”

—Anna LeBaron, author of The Polygamist’s Daughter: A Memoir


Author: Tessa Van Wade

Tessa Van Wade’s love for writing began at nineteen years old when she decided to put the stories in her mind onto paper. Years later, as a young mother, she would sit on the floor typing while holding her laptop in the air so her children could play on her lap. When her manuscripts found their way into the hands of her friends, they urged her to keep writing. Nine books and twenty years later, she is finally sharing her work with a broader audience. Tessa and Ben, her husband of 20 years, own a boutique gym and pilates studio in Kailua Kona, Hawaii. They have two daughters who have grown up watching their mother work as a personal trainer by day and a novelist by night. You can stay in touch with her at

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