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For those who would like to discuss the lessons you’re learning on this journey that reflect the spirit and content of this site, you’re invited to join our Yahoo Group.

This group is designed to provide a forum to discuss the issues, insights and concerns of people seeking to grow in an intimate friendship with God, authentic relationships with other believers, and relevant ways to touch the world. This list is a companion to Wayne’s writings and a place for people to share their stories, lessons they are learning on the journey and to encourage each other to follow Jesus more closely. Hopefully it will help like-hearted people from around the world to connect with each other.

This list is not to argue or debate issues, though respectful disagreement is OK.

Fair warning –
This email list generates a significant number of emails as people have gotten comfortable sharing their lives together. You could get as many as 40 or 50 emails in a day and if that is too much, you might just want to subscribe to the digest version or simply read it on line when you have time. Feel free to skip the posts that are not meaningful for you and glean from those that are. There are some amazing things being shared here and it is well-worth sorting through the quantity as you have time to get to that which will most encourage you.

Yahoo will be adding commercial content around the messages that are exchanged and we have no control over what those might contain. If it becomes a problem, we’ll have to sort out another option.