Do You Want to Help Launch My Latest Book?

They made me do it and laughed at me as they watched me squirm in anguish. All my protests only brought more laughter.

I have more social media than I can keep track of now, but the strategy for launching my newest book with co-authors Arnita Taylor and Bob Prater, A Language of Healing for a Polarized Nation, is to add Instagram to my list of things to bug me all day long.  OK, that’s mostly humor.  Well, maybe half… or maybe not. Anyway if you want to join me on Instagram and follow the new book release, you can follow me at WayneatLifestream.

But I’m so excited to finally share this book with you. It will release November 19 and we’re planning some events in Dallas, TX to mark the release and to possibly do some training in helping cultivate conversations that tend toward healing. That will be the weekend of November 15-17. I’ll have more information out soon, but if you’d like to join us in Dallas from elsewhere in the world, you might want to put it on the calendar.  All of the authors will be there.

Also, I’m looking for people to join a launch team we’re assembling for this book. The book releases November 19, 2019, and I need help spreading the word. Want to know more?

Ideal launch team members…

  • …love to read.
  • …enjoy using Facebook.
  • …like to tell others about the books they are reading.
  • …are willing to share about new books on social media.
  • …are willing to write a review of the book on Goodreads and Amazon.
  • …are interested in changing the dialogue from the rhetoric of polarizing animosity that is destroying the social fabric of our nation to a language of healing, where honest differences don’t have to destroy friendships?

If this sounds like you, I would love to have you on the team! All launch team members will have access to a digital advance copy of the book in the official The Language of Healing for a Polarized Nation Launch Team Facebook group.

If you’d like to join the team, please follow these two easy steps:

  1. Fill out this Google form:
  2. Click this link to join the launch team Facebook group!

That’s it! I’ll see you in the group!

7 thoughts on “Do You Want to Help Launch My Latest Book?”

  1. Everyone is already screaming about how much of our time is taken up with social media, so how do we justify getting deeper into the quagmire that only robs us more of relational time? Not to be critical, but begs the question: Does it sense to take more time away from relationships when that’s how we serve our Master? Sure, there are all sorts of arguments for bringing people in (phishing lol) with social media to begin the “conversation”. Where does it end? Maybe someone needs to write a book about how to balance our on-line life with real life. 😁

    1. Like anything else, Michael, these things can be helpful in our lives or hurtful. It all depends on how we use it. I take very limited time with social media, for the reasons you state above. I’d rather be in conversations with people right in front of me. But I also know that I’ve been able to encourage thousands of people at critical moments in their lives through postings on the Internet. So, I seek to listen to Jesus with all of this. There’s no way a book can teach people how to balance their lives with this kind of thing. Only by following the nudges of the Spirit will we be able to enjoy the good while avoiding getting too caught up in it that we define our identity in it, or miss the people right in front of us.

  2. Hi Wayne. This is a book that is absolutely for our time and I am very much look forward to reading it. However, in the title are the words ‘a polarized nation’ and I suspect (not unreasonably) that this refers to the USA. As a Brit (albeit living in France) watching another nation disintegrate over Brexit I do wonder if it will be relevant to my very largely British friends. I am sure that the same principles apply but I suspect that all the examples will be very US-centric. I would like to help but would welcome your advise as to how useful it might be.
    And dare I ask whether there may be an European version at some time. Happy to participate in that – there is such a need.

    1. Hi Ian. Thanks for your comment. Yes, the book is specifically written for the current USA culture, but the answers it offers are not in politics but in interpersonal interactions. I’m from the specificity school of writing that says the more specific you are to your own context, the easier it is for people in different contexts to apply it to theirs. I do think people from other countries who are experience the same anger and vitriol that ours is, will see the applicability to their own culture.

      1. Thanks Wayne for your speedy response. I shall give it some serious thought (and discuss it with Mary) but I am likely to ‘sign up’ so watch this space!

  3. Pat Robinson Trapp

    Hi Wayne,
    I have been looking forward to reading this book since your podcast with Arnita and Bob. Earlier podcasts with Arnita were enlightening to say the least.
    Although I do not participate on social media platforms, I will definitely purchase the book, write a review on Amazon, and recommend the book to family and friends.
    My best to you, Arnita and Bob.

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